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Maintenance and Service

Our maintenance contracts offer complete piece of mind that your alarm system is in full working order.  Should a problem occur, our engineer is available to help assist you.  Our 24 hour engineer call out facility is included in the contract price.


Many customers benefit from lower contents insurance renewals as a result of an annual contract being in place.

All intruder alarm systems contain rechargeable batteries within the system which are essential to its correct operation and overall lifetime expectancy.  Annually these are checked and replaced whenever necessary under the service agreement. Under normal circumstances a domestic alarm receives one engineer visit per year to conduct a series of tests to determine the alarm is working correctly.


The inspection visit takes up to an hour to complete, with a certificate being issued upon completion.  Any parts required will be offered at catalogue trade price and installed free of charge under the contract.

Service contracts cost typically £60 plus vat and cover the entire system for one year.