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New Installations

Residential and commercial security

A professionally designed and installed security system not only provides a deterrent from crime but also protects your family from theft or vandalism.  We offer a free site survey facility if required.  Telephone quotes are also available however we prefer to see all customers in person at the property to be alarmed to ascertain the best system design possible.

A bells only alarm system will be a major deterrent alerting neighbours and anyone within the property of an intruder.  These are the most popular systems as once fitted require no subscription to a monitoring centre.  GC Electronics can also install fully monitored systems to ACPO requirements and European standards as required by police forces across the UK. This type of alarm signals to an alarm receiving centre using telephone lines. In some cases GSM mobile signalling has now been introduced as a second path of signalling as required by many insurers.  This type of alarm would normally only be installed when high value single items need protecting in a home or on commercial premises.

The alarm industry have developed text messaging devices so that the intruder alarm can alert you when you are away from your property via your mobile phone.  These can connect to the existing telephone line and require no subscription to us or a monitoring centre.

If required GSM units are now available containing pay as you go SIM cards allowing remote buildings or properties without wired telephone lines to communicate via text.  These devices can also be added to most existing alarms.

A growing range of wireless equipment is becoming available.  We normally recommend wired equipment wherever possible, mainly due to cost.  However if requested or due awkward properties we have a wide range of reliable equipment available.

Control Equipment

GC Electronics uses Scantronic, Cooper Menveir Security, FM Electronics and Texecom products all of whom develop their products to the highest technological standards.