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CCTV is becoming extremely popular as seen in many recent documentaries on the television.  Most modern CCTV systems are full colour during the daytime and switch over to black and white at night.  This gives a better image in low light situations.  Infra red is often used to help the camera to see at night, with many cameras having infra red LED lights built in.

Cameras do not like viewing orange sodium lighting, a much better white light is halogen or metal halide. Lighting is a key consideration when choosing a camera.  Some cctv cameras contain infra-red LED lights, however these are mainly for short range use.

Prices of cameras are coming down due to many imports.  However a cheap camera is not necessarily a good one.  Quality in measured in TVL which is the number of individual lines in the overall image.  A good camera would generally be over 480 TVL giving a clear detailed image.

As video tapes are almost obsolete digital recorders are being used instead.  These contain various sizes of hard disk capacity and number of camera inputs.  We install systems in commercial factories, corner shops and domestic homes etc.

Prices are dependent on the situation being monitored and ultimately the customer’s budget.  The main consideration when choosing a system has to be quality, as a good system will last a number of years and give good clear images.  We offer a free site survey where all your CCTV questions can be answered.